What are we going to be working on over the next few months...boy we have some great stuff in the pipeline. Firsty we would like to say thank you to everyone that has bought a product from us and supported us this far. We are a pretty new company and it is quite an unforgiving industry, driven by trends that sometimes only last a few weeks. We are 100% dedicated to deliver the most innovate and best products that you will be able to find and are currently very happy with our offering after such a short space of time. Lets take a look at what is coming in the next month or two;

The Khole: We are currently so near to getting this frame absolutely perfect and yes we will absolutely be launching in time for Christmas. We have had some very slight amendments to do to the mould which has delayed the launch a little but we are extremely pleased with the finished product and we know that you guys will absolutely love it when it lands.

Thumbtacks: We have got the thumbtacks to the point where we are very happy with them and they will soon be available for shipping. We have tested them and can confirm that they will absolutely blow your mind 

R&D Lab: This will be a dedicated area on the site where you can look at the latest products we are working on. We will include drawings and renders along with some details of what the product will be about. We are excited to share some of this with you as it often takes months and months of development to get some of these products to market.

Thanks again for all your support

the FU-RC Team

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